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the bitter taste of "what?"

Romasanta was a bit of a disapointment. i wish whoever writes those blurbs would actually WATCH the movie beforehand. it'd really be a help to all us poor suckers who have to rely on it. that was NOT a werewolf movie (though it did contain an original transformation sequence). the werewolf part was an incidental side-note, barely worthy of notice. based on a true story, apparently. and, for the second time, i was cheated of my foreign film. can't any of these films be in their original language, other than the Asian ones? meh.

just one more movie left for me: Red vs. Blue on Sunday, and since i've already seen it, no surprises there. a good way to end the festival, i think.

Why does this tank have 6 pedals but only goes in 4 directions!?
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