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The 3 films I'm seeing tonight:

17:20 - The Card Player
19:30 - Bottled Fool
21:30 - The Uninvited

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I'll be at The Uninvited. Hope it doesn't start TOO late so I can catch the last metro to my grandmother's house where my car is.
I'm easy to spot in a crowd...:)

I'll be in the 4th or 5th row
I,ll probably miss you, I miss everybody. :)
Meaning I wouldn't have saw you if you waved at me. Nevermind. I didn't go anyway.
The Card Player - Italy
The bad dubbing really took away from the experience, we were laughing our heads off... but overall it was well constructed as a thriller.

Bottled Fool - Japan
What a mind fuck... I was impressed.

The Uninvited - Korea
Offbeat ghost story, that deals more in reality than fantasy. Suicide and murder, are we so haunted with are demons... interesting.